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The First Reformed Church of SpongeBob Squarepants was formed in 2004 as a response to the need for the doctrine of progressive, liberal absorbants to be clearly set out. The origional Church of SpongeBob is open to all absorbants, no matter how fundamentalist or liberal their views. We in the First Reformed Church believe there is a need to further define our doctrines, and have created this denomination as a meeting point for those with simular views.

Because there are no Church buildings and services are provided through the Holy Conduit, the need for structured leadership within the Church is limited. Origional doctrines were set forth by the Church founders in accordance with their intrepretation of the YAP way. However, the First Reformed Church of Spongebob is interested in developing a method of ordination so that absorbants who are new to the YAP way will have experienced and qualified absorbants to look up to and ask questions of. Members can contribute to this development through the Forum.

Study Guides and other helpful materials are made available by Church memebers who feel called to contribute their time and effort to the Church.

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Any other questions/concerns may be addressed through the feedback form or Forum.

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