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Where do I go from here?

A new member of the First Reformed Church of SpongeBob Squarepants should follow the YAP way by studying the Scriptures. One should also become familliar with the doctrine of the Church. Look over the glossary to become familiar with Church terminology. Some Absorbants feel that they have more to devote to the YAP way. If you are one of these Absorbants, you may want to consider a calling within the Church. The Forum is a good way to learn more about the teachings of the Absorbant One.

How can I help?

You can help the Church in one of the following ways:
Contributing to the Church.
Helping to spread the news about the Church. You can spread the news about the Church by giving other people a link to our website or by linking to us directly from your website.
Becoming an Ordained Minister. Ordination policies are not yet in place, so if this is an option that appeals to you, please send your comments on to us so that we can formulate a method of Ordination that is in compliance with the doctrine of the YAP way.

What can I contribute?

One thing the Church does not want is your money. If you need to get rid of it, give it to someone who really needs it.
Catechisms: If you feel well aquainted with the doctrine and Scripture, you may write chatechisms for the church.
Study Guides: The Church's next major goal is to have Study Guides available for all the Scriptures. Before writing a Study Guide, read the instructions.
Other: We will also accept articles relating to the YAP way, doctrine, ect.

Submission Policy

When submitting any writings to the Church, please let us know if we can post your name and/or email address to give you credit for your work. Submissions can be emailed to frcsbsqp AT yahoo DOT com. Sending your submission to the Church means that you are giving us unlimited right to edit and publish the submission as we see fit. If we intend to publish your submission we will let you know.

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