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For the Conversion Sacrament
Q. Do I have to give up my existing religious views?
A. Not unless they conflict with the Church's teachings, in which case you're going to have to reconcile things.

Q. Can I choose to replace my existing views with those of the Church?
A. If you so chose, but it is not a requirement.

Q. Should I devote my life to the Church and the YAP way, giving myself over to Nautical Nonsense continually and in all aspects of life?
A. The Church has no minimum amount of time or energy that must be devoted. The level of commitment is up to the individual.

Q. Can I perform the conversion procedure symbolically? (For example, remove a fish from my tank, claim that it represents me symbolically (by proxy), let it flop for a second, and put it back in the tank?)
A. This may be considered a viable solution if for some reason you are unable to perform the Sacrament yourself, but should be reserved for extreme situations.

Q. If I have to perform the conversion procedure literally, why don't I have to flop on a real boat deck?
A. Unlike some other denominations of YAP followers, the First Reformed Church of SpongeBob Squarepants does not preform the Conversion Sacrament on a real boat deck. If this level of fundamentalism appeals to you, you may want to seek another denomination

Q. Do I do anything differently after I'm in the Church?
A. Yes. You must study the YAP way and try to live your life according to the behavioral and mental tenets of the Church. Do not join the Church if you are unable to do so.

Q. How can I help the Church?
A. First, educate yourself in the YAP Way and be a good example for others. Share this knowledge with those around you who are interested. You may want to consider a calling within the church.

The Church is seeking more Catechisms. If you can help out the Church by contributing in this area, check out the callings.
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