How to use Study Guides

You can read these study guides anytime, but they are more powerful when used in combination with services. After a particular broadcast, a section will usually end with a commercial break. This is a great opportunity to pull up your study guide and get to the deeper knowledge available through the Church.

You can use your guide alone or with a group. If alone, read each question and take some time to think through the ideas. You might want to write down particular thoughts that occur to you. You way wish to study other scripture, or refer to the glossary, to reference any unclear ideas or follow-up on a particular line of thought. Don't move onto the next question until you're sure you've exhausted the previous one. Or, just read the ones that are the most interesting.

If you're with a group, you can read the questions aloud and then accept input from the group as to what they think. Sharing ideas this way will often reveal insights into certain areas of understanding that you might not have experienced on your own. Also, some weird crap might emerge, and that can be very entertaining (and enlightening.)

When you're finished with this study guide, meditate for several minutes on the learnings you've discovered. Ask yourself how you intend to have a better day today by following the way of YAP - what specific things are you going to do better? What better level of personal peace will you achieve?

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