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Book of Bossy Boots

Questions for Contemplation

1. Nepotism is a reality in life, and in business. Sometimes nepotism is good, sometimes it is bad. What behaviors must be used to insure that an act of nepotism turns out for the best? Were any of the qualities you listed exhibited by Mr. Krabs in this Book?

2. At a crucial moment of this Book, SpongeBob is asked to tear apart a Krabby Patty. Why does he have such a hard time doing that? Is it just an issue of subjugation of ego, or is there a greater lesson in his reluctance to engage in the "heart rending" experience? Have you ever been asked to dismantle something you believe in and/or constructed? Were you happy to do it, or did it piss you off?

3. Mr. Krabs can't bring himself to fire his daughter, so he makes SpongeBob do it. Have you ever known parents who were controlled by their children, even afraid of them? What qualities are required in a parent to honestly confront their children about a problem or concern? Do you have those qualities? If you're a parent, how afraid of your children are you? Are those fears justified? Are you, or were you, afraid of your parents? Are/were those fears justified? Is there a chance you're mutually afraid of each other? How much is unsaid in your relationships with your children? With your parents? If your parents are gone, are there things you wish you'd have said to them? Are there things you wish they'd have said to you?

4. What do you have to do to a saa-laad to make it taste good? Why can't more places do that? Does drinking tea with saa-laad help, or just make the whole experience more bland?

5. Why did Pearl go to such great effort to help the Krusty Krab? Is it ever a good idea to have a teenager make the decisions for a business? If you run a business, would you ever make your employees dress up in humiliating outfits? Do you frequent places that make people dress that way, in a supposed effort to attract you to their business? When will you stop going to those places?

6. Why is this Book named "Bossy Boots?"

Statements for Consideration and Absorbtion

It's exciting to get new tools at work.
Saa-laads suck.
It is not easy to fire someone, in fact, it is - and should be - one of the most difficult things you ever do.
Sometimes people who should be fired secretly want to be fired.

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