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Book of Nature Pants

Questions for Contemplation

1. In this Book, SpongeBob runs around without clothes. However, SpongeBob, being a sponge, doesn't really need pants. Real sponges in the wild do not wear pants. Why do you suppose SpongeBob wears pants? Is it because his last name is Squarepants? Is it to appear modest and chaste to the viewing populace? (The application of his squarepants during Genesis seems to suggest this might be significant.) Absorbants can go deeper in our appreciation of the Book of Nature Pants; a critical part of this Book is the exploration of what it means to commune with nature, and live and interact directly with natural things. SpongeBob quits work and goes to live with the jellyfish even though he is already a sponge, and is at the bottom of the ocean. Even this isn't "close enough to nature" for Him. Why?

2. Are you hung up on the idea of wearing clothes? Don't you think it would be fun to go outside, and run around naked, interacting with nature like He did? Sure it would. In fact, there's places you can do that sort of thing without getting arrested; nude beaches and such. Why haven't you gone to a nude beach?

3. Mr. Krabs, thinking he would convince SpongeBob to stay and perform his work duties, tried to appeal to SpongeBob by glorifying his work. We all know SpongeBob enjoys his work and has a fabulous work ethic; why do you suppose Mr. Krab's entreaties failed? Was it that one line where Mr. Krab suggested to SpongeBob that if he left and went to live in the wild, he "wouldn't last a day?" Wouldn't that piss you off? Wouldn't that make you stomp out of work, and say fish paste? If you're the boss of someone, have you ever treated someone who works for you this way? Did it work, or did it piss them off? Are you sure?

4. Why can some friends lie to your face and other friends can't? Patrick and Sandy try to lure SpongeBob back to his home by staging a fake picnic, but Patrick can't fulfill his part of the ruse. Do you have any friends like Patrick? If not, why?

5. In this Book (and in others) it's always important that, when sleeping, something be "pulled up" over the lower part of the body. Sometimes it's leaves, sometimes it's a rock. Even sand works. But never sleep in the open without a covering for the lower part of your body.

6. SpongeBob ultimately returns to his pineapple and his work, leaving nature for future visits rather than a permanent home. It's always nice to go home. Do you go home for the holidays? Why or why not? If you've been away from your home for a long time, and you arrive back at your home, are you glad? Do you like your home, and the place where you live? Why or why not?

7. SpongeBob's friends contract his itchy urchins when they hug Him at the end of the broadcast of this book. They itch and scratch themselves ritualistically, but are seemingly OK with the idea that SpongeBob has given them a parasite. Can you get some sort of communicable parasite from just hugging your friends? Where do people get lice in the first place? Should you hug a friend, even if you know he or she sleeps with skanky people? What kind of friend are you? Is there anyone so important to you that you'd hug them, even if you knew they had a parasite you might catch?

Statements for Consideration and Absorbtion

If you don't spend enough time in natural environments, you'll miss them and begin to hate work.
Running around naked was fun when you were a kid, and can be fun as an adult.
People who supervise other people have to be in touch with the other person's feelings, not just their work performance.
Having a variety of friends is good. Have at least one friend who will not lie to you.
Go home regularly.

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