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Book of Patty Hype

Questions for Contemplation

1. For what reasons do you go to a restaurant? Food? Atmosphere? Location? Laziness? List them in order or importance to you. Anything seem odd about the list?

2. When was the last time you had an idea for improving something, but dismissed it out-of-hand because you thought others would scoff at your idea?

3. SpongeBob has to tell Mr. Krabs four times that he has an idea to improve the Krusty Krab before Mr. Krabs will listen to him. He splits himself in two. He even has to dress in an angel outfit and descend from the rafters - with spotlights - to get his attention. This while the Krusty Krab has no customers at all, and Mr. Krabs is running around trying to get ideas for improvement! Would you have thrown in the towel long before SpongeBob? Would you have said, "This guy is an egotistical, self-centered, disrespectful idiot, and he doesn't deserve to hear my idea, because he's probably not able to execute the idea anyway?" Or, do you follow the YAP way, and continue to press, out of your love and loyalty, until heard?

4. SpongeBob commiserates briefly with Patrick, telling him "I have a good idea and no one else thinks so." But he does this after having already declared his intention to start his own restaurant. And after getting Patrick's help, he builds his roadside "Pretty Patty" stand and begins his enterprise. Have you ever been angry about something, had your feelings hurt, and rather than do something about it, put all your energy into commiserating with others? Sat around for hour after hour, complaining about the people who hurt you? Bitching about their short-sightedness or inability to appreciate a really good idea? How much did your sitting around accomplish? What did SpongeBob accomplish?

5. After Patrick emerges from SpongeBob's head - supposedly under the guise of "going deep inside" him to solve his problem, SpongeBob asks him if he found anything. Patrick says, "Huh?" How does this parallel modern psychotherapy?

6. When SpongeBob's green Pretty Pattys don't seem to be appealing, he's just as happy to sell purple ones, which do catch on and sell well. While being committed to his enterprise, he's wise enough to know that some changes to the details are important to make the venture a success. Are you a flexible person? Do you adhere dogmatically to every last detail, or are you flexible enough to realize that small changes can make all the difference? What is being Porous all about? Sure, it's about being full of holes and permeable to fluids, but it's also about capability - the capability of being penetrated. Rigidity and dogmatism are the enemies of Porousness; how Porous are you today?

7. SpongeBob's Pretty Pattys are a hit. They're much more successful than The Krusty Krab ever was - Mr. Krab laments about how he's never had as many customers as the 46,853 that Pretty Pattys has to manage. Have you even known an employee who became more successful than their former employer? How should employers treat their employees, knowing that someday their subordinates may be more powerful than they are? If you manage employees, do you ever think of this?

8. Mr. Krabs is always interested in making money, and we've explored the PSW before - a complex, never-ending system of capitalism that habitually seeks money simply for the sake of acquiring it, with no apparent use of the lucre. But in this Book, we have an opportunity to explore what SpongeBob does with his phenomenal profits from the Pretty Patty enterprise. He makes so much money, he has to find ways to "get rid" of it. Now, have you ever tried to "get rid" of money? Why would SpongeBob want to "get rid" of money? He tries burying it, shredding it, and burning it - all excellent ideas in harmony with the PSW phenomenon. But SpongeBob finally resorts to actions that halt the PSW - he "gives it away." Do you ever give away money? Does it make you feel good to take a step outside of the whirlpool, or does that frustrate you? Do you think it's cynical to view SpongeBob's statements about giving the money away as just an action to anger Mr. Krabs?

9. The Book of Patty Hype is particularly powerful in that it ends with SpongeBob owning the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs locked outside, wanting it back, having to deal with the lawsuits of the Pretty Patty customers. SpongeBob is blissfully happy just walking around the empty inside of the Krusty Krab - with no customers. In fact, he appears happier doing this than he was selling Pretty Pattys. We already know that takings advantage of the naive will backfire - this theme is repeated often in the scripture of The Church - but what in business makes you truly happy? Can financial success ever really be at the foundation of happiness? Something as small as the sound of a pickle makes SpongeBob happy - what outrageous extremes have you constructed in your life that have to be accomplished before you're happy? Is there anything simple that will do?

Statements for Consideration and Absorbtion

People ultimately go to a restaurant for the food.
The establishment will scoff and poke fun at new ideas regardless of the merit of the idea.
The more unusual the new idea, the more the establishment will scoff.
Most new ideas are killed by the scoffing establishment. Some of these ideas may have been significant advancements.
Continue to "be ready" until you die.
Sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems. It's OK to be scared by that, especially if someone tries to crawl inside your head.
Word of mouth is the most effective advertising.
Harboring resentment of those who scoffed at you in the past could lead to missed opportunities.
Your past time spent is an investment; not all investments are financial.
Dreams do come true

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