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Book of Pickles

Questions for Contemplation

1. Are most food critics fat? BubbleBass is, in the end, exposed as a hack - so is it unfair to think of those who have a refined palate at obese?

2. When SpongeBob believes he has performed his duties incorrectly, he begins to become muddled, disoriented, even dangerous. His instincts tell him he knows what to do, but his beliefs tell him otherwise. Discontinuities in life are often the cause of stress and unusual behavior, like resentment, anger, and distrust. How often are you upset by the difference between how you expect things to be vs. how they are? Was SpongeBob too quick to distrust himself? Can self-introspection be taken too far? What in your life do you unshakably know you can do, regardless of what anyone else might say?

3. When Mr. Krabs loses customers because Squidward, filling in for the ill SpongeBob, burns all the food, he realizes that he must get SpongeBob back. Why? Is his motivation entirely the PSW, or does he care about SpongeBob being ill? If you employ others, when they become sick, what is your first thought: how you are going to replace them or their work? or is it concern for their well-being?

4. SpongeBob loves his work enough that he is willing to expend great effort to figure out what's wrong and fix it. He sits for several days and nights in quiet contemplation of his problem. What's the longest you've ever focused on a single problem? Do you like your profession enough that you'd spend that much time trying to solve a single problem?

5. SpongeBob finds that his capabilities have "returned" when he isn't even trying to fix them. Have you ever solved a problem by surrendering to it? Was all of SpongeBob's concentrated problem-solving time prior to the solution just a waste? What really was SpongeBob's problem in this Book?

6. Once again, someone who has lied to the naive and honest winds up with trouble - BubbleBass is exposed, and he has to make a quick exit from the Krusty Krab because he has eaten people's car keys. The crowd gives three cheers for the return of the Master Fry Cook, SpongeBob. Have you ever seen anyone compliment the work of a fast-food worker? Why not? If someone does something well, do you think they should be cheered?

7. SpongeBob acknowledges the help he received while away from his work by asking for cheers for Squidward. No once cheers, of course, because Squidward's work was not good. But SpongeBob acknowledged the effort. Do you acknowledge the effort of others, even if their work is not worthy of cheers? SpongeBob does not acknowledge Squidward privately, but does it in front of the crowd, at the moment when he should be basking in the warmth of the cheers he just received. The crowd may be cheering as much for Squidward no longer cooking as they are for SpongeBob returning - so SpongeBob appropriately shares the credit. When you receive cheers for your work, do you acknowledge the role others played in your success?

Statements for Consideration and Absorbtion

Trust your instincts.
Guarantees are usually in very small letters and you have a hard time getting them.
Be willing to spend time trying to solve a problem that effects your work.
To solve a problem you think you can't solve, first admit that you can't solve it, and then relax and try to solve it without doubting yourself.
Cheer good work.
Acknowledge the work of others, even if it isn't worth a cheer.

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