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Book of Wormy

Questions for Contemplation

1. When people change, it can be frightening. Wormy changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly frightens SpongeBob and Patrick - in fact, they don't even consider that perhaps the butterfly is Wormy in another form; in fact, the Book will end without them ever coming to terms with this truth. Does it bother you when things change? When people you know and love change? Are you able to recognize them after they change, or are you enamored of their previous version?

2. Of all the stress releasers on the planet, what is more effective than blowing bubbles? SpongeBob and Patrick are confused and scared of the transformed Wormy as a butterfly, but they seem better once they have "encapsulated" it in a bubble that SpongeBob blows. Interestingly, Wormy still flutters around as before, basically travelling wherever he wants, just inside a bubble. The bubble makes no difference to the movement of "the monster." So why the feeling of success when the bubble encapsulates him?

3. What other scriptures speak of SpongeBob ruining the town? What are the similarities between The Book of Hall Monitor and this Book?

4. SpongeBob and Patrick "save" Bikini Bottom by destroying it. What religious claptrap does that remind you of? They ask, "what would have happened if we hadn't warned the city?" Well, naturally, nothing would have happened, certainly nothing as awful as what happens because they do. What parallels can you draw between this exchange and modern television evangelism?

Statements for Consideration and Absorbtion

Simple games are the most fun.
Insect faces are frightening when enlarged.
When people change, you need to be able to recognize and understand the change.
There is a secret entrance to the Krusty Krab.
When scared, your eyes recede.
Warning people about something that isn't a problem creates a problem.

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