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Welcome to the official website for the First Reformed Church of SpongebobSquarepants - are you ready?

Are you in a joyless, faithless void?

Have you rummaged through the spiritual offerings of a planet that is so morally bankrupt, little seems good? Honest? Reliable?

Have you battered your way through churches that make you feel guilty? Offer little for introspection or personal edification beyond "worship?" Attract followers by hating others?

Are you ready for something new and better? Something honest, earnest and fun?Something that can make you feel good without making you feel bad?

Perhaps you have never considered going underwater to find a belief system worth investing in...you probably never, in your wildest dreams, thought that the secrets to living a happy, contented and fulfilling life could come from a tiny animated sponge.

With the First Reformed Church of Spongebob Squarepants, you can finally experience:
Church that finds joy in the little things in life, and isn't afraid to say so.
A Church that offers complexity for the complex, and simplicity for the simple. You can even mix the two up if you want.
A Church that doesn't want your money and only wants you to be happy.
A Church that presents it's precepts and spiritual instruction in an easily accessible format.
A Church you can enjoy in your own home - no special building to go to.
A Church that realizes that simple things, like having fun, using your imagination, and enjoying what you do, are important in life.
A Church that doesn't attract people by hating or excluding a certain type of person.
A Church that is ready eddy eddy to have you as a member!

last updated: May 1.05
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