How to write Study Guides

· Choosing a Book
Look at the list of Scriptures to decide which Book(s) you would like to work on. If a book says coming soon! beside it, someone else is already working on that Study Guide. Once you have chosen a Book to work on, email frcsbsqp AT yahoo DOT com to let the Church know you will be working on a guide. Begin working on the guide when you recieve a reply.

Include at least 3 questions for contemplation and 3 statements for consideration and absorbtion for a regular length episode. Include a mixture of humor and serious content. Try to find doctrinal applications within the Book. Refer specifically to situations where SpongeBob is displaying one of the Fundamental Attributes. Feel free to look at existing Study Guides to get a better idea of what type of content to include. Do not worry about formatting, we will just slap the content into a template.

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